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  Do you have a tough odor problem ? 

Call the doctors, we specialize in solving your toughest odor problems.

We offer professional advice and chemicals to solve all of your odor problems !



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Baczymes Odor Eliminator

pet dog Try the award winning Baczymes

Completly eliminates odors and urine stains associated with pets.










Avoid Cross Contamination


Cross contamination occurs when bacteria is spread between people, food, surfaces and equipment. A common concern in the food and health care industries, cross contamination also poses a health threat in any environment including schools, shopping malls, offices and other buildings. This becomes a serious problem when you take into account that Americans spend about 90% of their time inside, yet contaminants found indoors can be five times worse than outdoors.


Probably the most common culprits of cross-contamination are hands, equipment, cloths/rags, and door handles, or food that comes in contact with them. Though common sense, many people do not wash and dry their hands before touching or eating food; after touching raw meat, fish, chicken or unwashed vegetables; after using the toilet; after blowing their noses; or after touching a pet. Employees eat at their desks and, even if they clean up afterwards, food particles remain to breed bacteria and attract pests that can further spread disease. 

Another common mistake is to clean multiple areas with the same supplies and/or equipment and to store restroom cleaning supplies together with items used in other areas. Cloths, sponges and mops are sources of concentrated bacteria that can cross-contaminate anything with which they come into contact. 


Microfiber Cleaning Products

Microfiber is a continuous filament fiber that is a combination of two fibers, polyester and polyamide.  The interlocking composition of the two fibers is what makes microfiber unique and effective at trapping dirt.  The fibers are positively charged.  Since dirt and other particles are negatively charged, the particles are actually attracted to the product.  This is a big improvement over conventional cotton products.  Visit our Microfiber page to view our entire line of Microfiber mops, towels and dust mops.






If you need specialized cleaning in your home, including terrazo or Marbile floors, call the professionals at Horne Janitorial.  We specialize in unmatched professional restoration and maintenance in your home.  (We can tackle the big jobs you dont want to do)







Proper Periodical Maintenance Keeps Your Floors Looking Their Best

Most people do not maintain their waxed floors and require complete stripping and re-waxing.  By periodical monthly buffing with our high speed propane buffer your finish will remain looking great for a long time at a fraction of the cost of stripping and re-buffing.



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We specialize in top quality odor control products, cleaning products and floor finish products.  We strive to make our products meet the highest quality standards and be simple to use. We are always listening to our customers advice on how to improve our products and services.  We need your input so that we can better meet your needs.


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PROFESSIONAL WAREHOUSE FLOOR SWEEPING & SCRUBBING - Keep your warehouse clean and reduce slips and falls.  Visit our services page for more information or call

904-358-2500 for a free quotation.





When using any type of chemical, never mix with other chemicals.  Also, always have good ventilation when using any type of chemical. (Open windows, doors, turn on a fan)



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